Design concept
The space required for the optimal performance of each audio system is different; furthermore, no two environments are identical. These complicated factors then affect the audio system in hard to predict ways. For example, frequently the feedback from a microphone will severely damage a tweeter or if there is not enough echo the desired volume cannot be reached despite how loudly you speak into the microphone.

These are very common problems but even professionals are at a loss as to what to do. Usually the environment cannot be changed and the only plausible solution is to change the sound system but this rarely completely solves the problem.

The wiring and sound compartment design of the Karabar speakers aims to solve these problems, eliminating the tedious need of switching around components in order to achieve the best sound possible.

Patented Wiring Design

Variable wiring allows for the best sound depending on the space available.

Dual Crossovers
Dual crossovers are connected to by-wire terminal sets, when the copper plate linking the crossovers in a parallel circuit is removed the drivers become independent of each other, which allows for numerous combinations and thus solves any problems with space availability.

Double Power Output
Each Karabar speaker is equivalent to a pair of any other speakers. Each piece of Karabar speaker contains two separate compartments with its own middle reflex design, which allows for left-right stereo sound. Karabar speakers bring you a wide and clear sound field, also the most natural and feeling vocal as well.

These features make Karabar the ideal speakers for karaoke.

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